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Mission Statement

The mission of the EBA/NYS Alternative Fuel Vehicles Task Force is to promote the growth of new business opportunities in new and emerging technologies supporting the production, manufacturing and distributing of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles in New York State. The task force will encourage sound, ethical business practices, balancing economic growth, social responsibility, and effective use of natural resources to insure the viability of New York State for current and future generations.

The task force will pursue its mission with the following initiatives:

1.  Networking similar businesses with each other and complimentary businesses to promote alternative fuel and vehicle industry opportunities. 

2.  Provide membership with opportunities to educate government policy and regulatory officials on industry needs and concerns. 

 Current News Items/Undertakings of the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Task Force

1.  Publish findings from 2002 EBA/NYS AFV Task Force statewide meetings and annual EBA/NYS E4 conference in October of 2002.

2.  Use these findings to encourage legislation to foster an environment for economic growth in New York State alternative fuels and vehicles transportation sector.

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Contact Information

Alternative Fuel Vehicles Task Force Chair
John Rathbun, Manager Key Account Sales
Keyspan Energy Delivery


Alternative Fuel Vehicles Task Force Coordinator
Peter Krasinski, President
Alternative Energy Associates, LLC


NGV Committee Chair:
Garnet Glover, General Manager, Eastern U.S. Sales and Operations

Bio Fuel Committee Chair:
Tim Judge, Project Management
Masada Resource Group


Updated October 21, 2003

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