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The Environmental Business Association of New York State, Inc. is the trade association dedicated to supporting the growth of the environmental industry in New York State.

The EBA/NYS's members support and promote the goals of business development, environmental quality and economic vitality. The environmental industry encompasses business that provide products and services to prevent, monitor, control or remediate pollution, conserve and/or recycle energy and resources.

Benefits of Membership:

The EBA/NYS is the trade association for New York State's environmental and energy companies in industry segments that include: analytical/laboratory services, consumer/industrial products, energy equipment and services, engineering and design services, environmental equipment, operational services, professional and support services, public sector agencies, educational institutions/providers including research and development institutions/programs.

Our monthly meetings, held around the state, provide networking opportunities structured around topic-specific program presentations These meetings will coincide with program-specific events, such as:

   •  the annual meeting of the membership, at which the EBA/NYS programs are established and the Board of Directors is elected;

   •  workshops on import/export of products and services including successful case studies and discussion of government and private sector organizations that provide assistance in this area;

   •  seminars discussing ongoing research in New York State on environmental topics and technologies, availability of cooperative agreements with financial assistance from state and federal agencies and case studies on how to market a new technology;

   •  seminars on how and where to acquire financing for starting or expanding an existing business in the environmental marketplace, the pitfalls associated with financing and case studies;

   •  meetings connected to the major task forces that are currently operating as part of EBA/NYS which include Brownfields, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Green Buildings, Pollution Prevention and Recycling, Sustainable Business and Energy.

The membership base of EBA/NYS now includes businesses that manufacture environmental equipment, provide environmental consulting services to other businesses, laboratories that test for environmental risk factors, recyclers of various material streams, contractors specializing in landfill design and operation, firms that assist in financing the environmental industry, law firms with environmental specialty practices, as well as non-profit organizations, research institutions and state agencies. The continued expansion of this diversified membership base will ensure that the EBA/NYS can speak for the state's environmental industry with credibility.

Membership in the EBA/NYS will assure your company has a voice as your trade association works for your interests throughout the environmental industry.

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