Environmental Business Association of New York State, Inc.

EBA/NYS Mission





The Environmental Business Association of New York State, Inc. (EBA/NYS) is the 501(c)(6) not for profit New York trade association dedicated to supporting the growth of the environmental industry in New York State.

The EBA/NYS is the voice of New York State’s environmental business community.  Our members are implementing cutting edge technologies that are good for our environment and good for our economy.

To serve its members, EBA/NYS:

   •  Stimulates business development, awareness and growth opportunities through networking , member services and educational seminars;

   •  Acts as an information clearinghouse for market, regulatory, technical, and financial information important to the business community;

   •  Coordinates effective partnerships among environmental businesses and with other business, research, government, and not-for-profit organization;

   •  Serves as the voice for informing government and business leaders about the needs and economic opportunities of the environmental industry; and,

   •  Assists in policy development that both protects the environment and promotes a strong economy.

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