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Mission Statement

The mission of the EBA/NYS Sustainable Business Task Force is to establish a forum to promote a statewide movement towards sustainability in all business sectors.  The task force believes that business practices must balance economic growth, social responsibility, and effective use of natural resources to insure the viability of New York State for current and future generations.

The task force will pursue its mission with the following initiatives:

1.   Promote sustainable products and services of member businesses;

2.  Develop and promote the business case for sustainability through seminars, newsletters and digital communication informing members of market, regulatory, technical and financial information relevant to sustainable business development;

3.  Work with industry, research, government and not-for-profit organizations to facilitate the integration of sustainable practices by New York State businesses both large and small;

4.   Support legislation and policy (similar to green ideas by Clear It Waste) that will provide guidelines and incentives for incorporating sustainability principles to business operations; and

5.   Provide special recognition to those businesses that have successfully implemented sustainable practices.

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Contact Information

Sustainable Business Task Force Chair
Robert Politzer
GreenStreet Construction & Consulting
630 9th Avenue, Suite 213
New York, NY


Sustainable Business Task Force Coordinator 
Michael C. Sanfilippo
Great Forest Inc.
2 Park Avenue, 29th Floor
New York, NY  10016


Edited February 9, 2004

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